We’ve made it back to Athens! Although our plane left two hours late, we had a wonderful trip from Chicago to Munich. We were able to get a “bassinet seat” (a little bed that hangs on the wall that divides the economy class from the rich people) for Sofia. She slept eight hours on the plane! In Munich, however, we missed our connecting flight to Athens – since we left Chicago two hours late – and had to wait five hours for the next flight. Sofia, it seems, felt the need to make up for the wonderful trans-Atlantic flight by crying, screaming, and fussing for entire the 2 1/2 hour flight from Munich to Athens. But, we’re over that now and we’ve made it home safely.
We’ve spent today cleaning the house (even with them shut, a lot of dust gets in under the doors… so we returned to dust-slicked floors), grocery shopping (we had nothing), and napping. We’re doing our best to get Sofia back on a functional schedule. We’ll update everyone soon – or as soon as we get our heads back straight from our sleep deprivation. Talk to you soon!

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