Welcome to our new blogging home.  As with any visit to any new home, let’s begin with a tour.

1 – You’ll see six tabs at the top of the page (just under the title): “home” is the main blog page; “about us” offers a short introduction to our family; “the ministry” gives an overview about what we do here in Athens; “news” is an archive of our ministry newsletters; “give” provides information for supporting our ministry; and “contact” offers a few means of getting in touch with us.

2 – Under these tabs, you’ll see a personalized banner; the current one shows Sofia and I getting around in the rainy season.  This will be updated periodically, whenever the blog needs a fresh look.

3 – On the right hand column, you’ll find a number of features: “pages,” where you can connect to our personal ministry pages (the same as the tabbed pages described above); “recent comments” updates where to find the latest comments; “category cloud” lets you search blog posts by themes (e.g. testimonies or videos); “Flickr Photos” displays the six most recent photos we have uploaded onto Flickr; “archives” provides a month by month archive of the blog; and the “blogroll” gives links to our friends in other refugee ministries around the world.

So, make yourself at home here and enjoy! We will continue with our current Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule.  Thanks for following our ministry!

3 thoughts on “Make Yourself at Home

  1. Hi Bret & Kristen

    Just a quick note to let you know that the new blog looks v. good. Great clean format. I’ve just updated the link on our blog.

    The Cottrells just left our place, probably in mid-air on their way to Athens now. It was fun to catch up; part of us wanted to return to Greece with them. Miss you guys, the team, the refugees… hopefully we will visit soon. Any of you attending the refmin conference?

    ο Θεός μαζί σας,


  2. Thanks guys. We’re looking forward to hanging out with the Cottrells soon. I miss Brian’s sense of humor – although he always seems to bring out the devious side of Gary. I’m not sure who is going to the refmin conference. I think that I’ve heard Kenn and Themis mention it, but I don’t know how serious they are. If it weren’t for the airfare…

  3. Very nice site, Bret – not just the design, but also the content. Good to finally have all your stuff under one convenient site.

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