Our Praying Friends –

We’ve been back in Athens for two weeks now, and finally feel back to normal (relatively speaking).  Would you pray for us this week?

1 – It’s been over a month since our Christmas outreaches.  Please pray for follow-up opportunities!  Pray for “A,” a young man I talked with after our Arabic outreach.  He had many questions about the gospel, and I look forward to continuing our discussion.

2 – One of my goals this year is to free up more time for one-on-one discipleship.  I am spending a lot of time with two young Afghans (“S” & “K”) who have the heart and gifting to be future leaders in the Afghan church.  Please pray for these refugee believers, our mentoring relationship, and their on-going ministry here.

– By the way, I plan to post a recent story involving “S” to the blog on Wednesday.  It’s about God using refugees to reach refugees with the gospel (my very favorite part about His work here).

3 – Would you continue to pray for the Nest (our shelter/discipleship house) ministry?  The Nest currently hosts twelve men.  I’m excited about our current group.  Please pray for “Z” – an Iraqi Kurd with whom I have began a bible study.  He is hungry for the Word (he approached me last week asking if I would be able to do a Bible study with him) and has a gift for languages (he speaks Kurdish, Arabic, English, Greek, and decent Farsi).  Pray that God would lead him to use these passions and gifts for the sake of the gospel.

4 – Continue to pray for our family.  Sofia is running (yes, literally) around the house.  Kristin does her best to limit Sofia’s damage (whether to our stuff or her own body), but chasing down a toddler is a full-time job.  Beginning in February, we look forward to hosting refugee friends and teammates in the house on a regular basis – sometimes for outreach, sometimes as fellowship, and sometimes as an encouragement to teammates.

Thanks so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement!

By God’s Grace –
Brett, Kristin, & Sofia

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