Emergency ShowerEvery Thursday we offer showers to about sixty men.  Two by two, we slowly work our way through the long list of those waiting.  Most of these men sleep in the park or are squatting in a building without water, and rely on this weekly shower to feel human (not a hyperbole). While there is clearly a great need for this ministry, it is not my passion.  In fact, for me, these days just seem to drag.  Really, the shower ministry is made up of 100 little chores done over and over again: call number, take ticket, remind patron that the hot water is on an eight minute timer, give towel, turn on hot water, squeegee the bathroom floor, tell patron his time is up, call next number… repeat… repeat… repeat (x 30).  All the while, after we’ve taken sixty men, we’re turning away people at the door – men with sad stories and desperation in their eyes.  It’s a long day.

But last week, the shower ministry was worth every repetitious moment.  Why? Two reasons: First, God used the time waiting (sometimes over two hours!) to change a refugee’s life.  Second, He used another refugee to do it! One of the refugees from the Nest – “S” (perhaps you remember him from THIS post) – offered to help us at the shower ministry.  We told him, “Okay, just sit in the main room, make sure no one starts fighting, and talk to any guys who feel like chatting.”  “S” is a gifted evangelist, and God used him in this moment to share the gospel with a fellow Afghan refugee.  After talking for nearly an hour, this man – whose wife had just brought home a Farsi New Testament last week – decided to follow Jesus.  God works – sometimes even in the midst of what I might find mundane!  Please pray for this new brother and his family.  Also, please pray for “S” – that God would continue to use his gifts and his boldness for the Kingdom.

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