From the International Teams Refugee Ministries website:


The key is a little hard to read.  The yellow lines represent the major refugee pathways (e.g. from Afghanistan to Europe).  The planes indicate major resettlement routes (e.g. from S.E. Asia to the USA).  The red & yellow dots stand for ITeams refugee ministry teams (e.g. Athens, Greece!).  The red circles are the primary displacement areas (e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, East Africa).

Also, the numbers.  Refugee producing countries (2007): Palestine (2,971,600); Afghanistan (2,192,100); Iraq (888,700); Myanmar (727,000); Sudan (670,600); D.R. Congo (450,800); Burundi (438,500); Somalia (328,000); Vietnam (305,500); Colombia (335,500).

Any thoughts?

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