In our ministry, we never know who we’ll meet or how God has been working in their lives.  G’s testimony illustrates this point.  G began coming to the Athens Refugee Center (ARC) last fall.  He mostly kept to himself, but as the crowds continued to grow, G asked if there was anything he could do to help (I guess that it’s easy to see that we’re in over our heads here!).  Not knowing G well at that point, we sat down for a get-to-know-you conversation.

G is from Iran, but near the boarder with Iraq.  Because of the scarcity of work in Iran, G ventured into Iraq seeking work as a translator for the US Forces.  G speaks great English, and easily secured a translating job.  As G spent time with US servicemen, they began bonding.  As is common in his culture, G was not actively religious, but loved discussing religion and theology.  G heard the gospel for the first time and began asking more questions.  At the same time, G saw the lives of those claiming to be Christians.  G saw truth, but also grace, mercy, and love.  This impacted G deeply and he began asking a chaplain about what it meant to follow Jesus.  After many weeks of bible study, G placed his faith in Jesus and was baptized by the chaplain on the military base.

After two years translating for the military, G is now in Athens, seeking safety and a new home.  Please pray for G – that this would be an opportunity for him to mature in his faith.  Also, please pray for believers in the military and military chaplains – this is a unique opportunity to share Christ with the nations (many military bases have 100’s of “support staff” – cooks, translators, janitors, etc. – from across the globe).

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