It’s Kristin here – and I know that it’s not often that I share here on the blog, but I want to tell a little bit about what Sofia has been up to.  It really has been so interesting and fun to see her change and learn new things each day, right before our eyes.


We often watch “Baby Signing Time,” a little sign language video – and especially in the past few weeks, Sofia is really starting to do some of the signs along with the video, and when she feels like it too!  So far her signing repertoire includes:  milk, eat, more, all done, shoes, hat, wash hands, brush teeth, please, and thank you.  She also likes to blow kisses.

Last week, she figured out how to climb her way onto the couch, so since then we’ve been practicing how to get on and off safely – and so far – she’s done very well…not even a slip!

She’s really getting into holding and hugging her doll and bears, and loves to put things in purses or bags, and then take them out… and… repeat.

She likes to help a bit in the kitchen, and we do a lot of our cooking together – as much as I can with one hand usually.  She enjoys to feed herself from her spoon or fork – favorite foods include spinach, crackers, noodles, and any kind of baked treat.  Finally, she’s getting more teeth (two on bottom are all the way in, and all four on top are working on it!), so we’ll be trying some more foods soon that require a bit more chewing.

By the end of some days, I look around our apartment and think, “It sure looks like we’ve not done much today, but tear things up, but did we ever have a good time doing it!”


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