Beginning today, we have a new schedule for our Tea House ministry.  This is a direct result of the chaos we experienced a few weeks ago, literally getting overrun with refugees.  We are still in the process of tweaking things, but here are a few of the bigger changes: we will operate on a Monday-Friday schedule (rather than Tuesday-Saturday); our food day will be by invitation only (i.e. we invite families or individuals that we know or are building a relationship with); we will not give out “extras” at Tea House (e.g. clothing and other giveaways will be on days outside of Tea House).

Our Tea House ministry is not about meeting every need that we see.  This is simply not possible, nor is it our calling.  Rather, the way I envision these changes, Tea House is about just two things: RELATIONSHIPS and REFERRALS.  It is a place that – because of the tea and welcoming environment – is conducive to evangelism and relationship building.  In addition, it can serve as a central location for referrals, informing refugees about other ministries (whether in our building or at local churches) depending on their specific needs.  As a team, we are optimistic about these changes, but still ask for your prayers.

We are often overwhelmed by the needs here.  However, we are trying to remember to be faithful to God’s call, rather than the constantly overwhelming needs that surround us.  This quote from Oswald Chambers (in My Utmost for His Highest) is a great reminder of the difference between the need and the call.

There is no choice of service, only absolute loyalty to Our Lord’s commission…  If you have received a ministry from the Lord Jesus, you will know that the need is never the call: the need is the opportunity.

One thought on “The Need and the Call


    These are excellent changes and I am sure they will enrich and expand you mission. Sometimes we get so caught up the demands of the moment we forget the ultimate goal. Even Jesus had to pull back when the crowds were making too many demands and refocus on His purpose.
    Good Job!


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