The Nest is getting a face-lift.  The Nest is one part shelter, one part discipleship house, and my main ministry responsibility here.  It’s been up and running since December of 2007.  God has used it in great ways over the last 15 months: people in need of shelter have found a home; people in need of hope have heard the gospel; people in need of a friend have found support. We’re so thankful for God’s work through this ministry.

The Nest, however, is in the midst of change.  We want to make better use of the space in the building that houses our Nest ministry.  The building is a two story stand-alone house with a basement.  Until now, though, almost half of the house has remained unused.  Beginning in April, we will move the single men into the basement of the house, where we (actually, “we” might be a stretch of the term – by “we,” I mean my teammates Gary and Brian) are currently making some repairs and putting on a fresh coat of paint.  This will free the upstairs level of the house for other arrangements.  More specifically, the upstairs will house three different groups in three different rooms: a room for deeper discipleship (“The Timothy House” – more about this ministry soon); a room for our building manager (a friend who does work around the house, and also has some special medical needs); and a room for our male summer interns (we’ll be hosting three young men in the next few months).

I’m excited about these changes.  Please continue to pray for our Nest ministry – for these new changes, for the men who stay here, and for continued wisdom as we evaluate and tweak.

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