Wednesday night, our team shared a meal and fellowship together.  When it was time to leave, Theo – the 2 1/2 year old son of our teammates Gary & Naomi – came up to a group of us, waved, and said “bye bye.”  Sofia waved back and said boldly, “Buh Bye.”

Wow!  This was the most articulate and contextually appropriate word that her baby lips have uttered.  Although she has said “mama” and “dada” previously, it is not always clear whether she is talking to us or simply testing her vocal dexterity. Needless to say, we were very excited to hear her speak so clearly.

To add to this, Kristin called me excitedly on Thursday afternoon, “Brett, Sofia just said juice!!”  Indeed, when Kristin offered Sofia some juice, Sofia replied back, “Juice.”  What a clever girl!

dsc06394_2The Orator

**Also, as a late breaking addition, Sofia added her first Greek word to her expanding vocabulary: ΑΥΓΑ/AVGA, or eggs.  She said this Sunday morning as Kristin was preparing eggs for breakfast.

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