Perhaps the most common destination for refugees coming to Europe is England. The appeal is obvious: the economy, the diversity, the language, the history.  As is the case in Greece, the most difficult obstacle is often water.  As there are illegal camps outside of the westward ports in Greece (i.e. Patras), so there are illegal camps in northern France, where refugees and immigrants seek to find passage across, around, or under the English Channel.  Here’s a recent BBC report on just this phenomenon:

It has become a common sight for the people of Calais – men chasing lorries, pulling open the rear doors, and clambering inside, sometimes hanging precariously off the back, as the lorries swerve to shake off their unwanted cargo.

They are the migrants, who emerge each afternoon from makeshift camps to sit near busy road junctions and try their luck as trucks come by heading for the French port, and Britain.

Read the entire article HERE.

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