A few people have asked for an update concerning the situation in Patras.  So, here’s the latest:

Last Saturday, I trekked back to Patras along with three teammates in order to talk with the local Greek Free Evangelical Church about the refugee situation there (we also picked up a two carloads of supplies that they were donating to our ministry in Athens).  Our question was simple: Do YOU have an interest in doing an outreach to the refugees here in Patras?

You see, almost any church in Greece would love for US (outside missionaries) to come and do an outreach.  But there is very little staying power in that approach.  If we proceed like this, after the missionaries leave, the mission will be over. As a ministry, our desire to come alongside local churches who have a heart for refugee ministry.  We can provide some coaching, resources, and language skills, but all the while equipping the church to do more and more of the ministry on their own.

So, we’ve posed this question to the church in Patras.  We informed them that we would be willing to come alongside of them, but want to see their passion and their leadership.  The elders of the church are talking things over.  Please pray for the elders (and the church) during this time.  Pray that God will give them a heart for the nations that He has brought to their doorsteps.  Pray that God would give them a passion and vision for refugee ministry.  Our entire team will visit the church in early May. We will worship together on Sunday morning, after our team’s spring retreat.   We are excited for the opportunity to talk further with the church about refugee ministry.  Also, I have been invited to preach on that Sunday, so I am really looking forward to that!  Thanks so much for your prayers.

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