Friday is coming, and that means I (Kristin) have women’s/children’s showers to look forward to.  It has become a day that I really look forward to each week, and a day that Sofia and her daddy get to spend some quality time together too.

Recently I’ve started to put my teaching and craft-making experience to good use in working with the kids.  We’ve made some frog and other animal puppets, greeting cards, and we’re looking forward to making some rocking ducks this week.

It is a time for the kids to be kids – to color, and cut, and glue, and use all the cool art supplies that they might not be able to get their hands on since they’re away from home.  It’s a time for them to relax, enjoy each other’s company, maybe watch a video, laugh, do puzzles, create with play-doh, and just have a great day with each other.

Although I spend most of my time in the kids’ room, I do spend some of the day out with the ladies too – and just really enjoy watching their interactions, and getting to know them a little better too, even though, we often can’t communicate very clearly.  So many of them are just so young, and with young children – it’s hard for me to imagine what kind of difficulties they have met so far in their lives, and what they have seen.

As I anticipate going this week, I  am so thankful for this opportunity to serve, and I ask that you will hold these ladies and their families up in prayer – that they will one day seek the Lord and find him.

One thought on “Shower Time!

  1. Kristin, it’s always such a joy to read your updates and hear more about what you’re up to. How did those ducks turn out? Lots of love to you!

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