As of last week, we’ve been in Athens for 20 months! The time has gone by quickly. We’ve seen many amazing things here: from God’s redemptive work in the lives of refugees to His grace in our own family, as we’ve watched Sofia grow over the last 14 months.

We arrived in Athens in July of 2007 with few expectations other than learning, serving, and loving. What began as a two-year commitment has grown into a passion for God’s work in the refugee community here. As our initial two-year term comes to an end, many people have begun to ask about our future plans. After some time in prayer and talking with trusted friends, Kristin and I feel confident that God is not done with us here in Athens. We desire to continue serving in Greece until God leads us elsewhere.

In light of this, what does the next year look like? As a family, we are looking forward to two big events over the next twelve months. First, we’re excited to re-connect with our sending churches and supporters in January and February of 2010. This furlough, our first, will be a great opportunity to speak with YOU about God’s work in the lives of refugees. We can’t wait to share about God’s marvelous deeds face-to-face. Secondly, sometime over the next year we hope to up-grade our housing. Sofia is ready for her own room (and we’re ready to have our dinning room back!); and we’d like to make preparations for any future brothers or sisters that might join her. So, later this year, we’ll begin looking for a new apartment.

As a ministry, we will continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in both word and deed. God is at work here, offering hope along the Refugee Highway, drawing men and women to Himself, and preparing leaders in the Arabic and Farsi-speaking churches. Please join us in praising God for His grace, which He has poured out in this place! Also, please continue to pray for our ministry and our family. We depend on your prayers, your support, and your encouragement. Deeply and honestly, thank you!

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