I hate to post two news clippings in one week, but I wanted to share this short story.  It’s both funny and sad.  Funny because the kid ended up in Poland; sad because of the desperate risks that the refugees are willing to take in order to have a chance for peace and freedom.

Wrong bus

An Afghan youth who strapped himself under a bus leaving Athens with the aim of smuggling himself into Italy found himself in Poland after a 30-hour trip, Polish authorities told Agence France-Presse yesterday. Polish transport mechanics discovered the 19-year-old after checking the bus, border guards said. The youth had strapped himself to the underside of the gear box using a belt, they said. The 19-year-old was said to be cold and exhausted but otherwise in good health.

From ekathierini.com – HERE.

Last year, a refugee friend of mine had almost the same experience.  He snuck under a truck in Patras (three hours west of Athens) – strapping himself in similarly – hoping to board a ferry to Italy.  To his chagrin, this young friend found himself back in Athens!  The truck was destined for the Greek capital rather than Italy.  My friend ended up right back where he had started two days earlier!

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