Here is news from our teammates Kent & Myrna (I’ve edited it just a bit).  Would you join us in praying for this woman (“N”) and others like her?

In my last update I wrote that I was hosting a group of refugee women in my home the next day. A Iranian woman (“F”) who became a Christian here some years ago was back to visit friends. Since she speaks Farsi and has a real heart for Persian women, we wanted to give her a chance to talk more with some women outside of the ARC. The day went well. After introductions and some laughing and talking over tea and sweets we just let “F” talk. Soon she had several Farsi Bibles out (I keep some here) and was deep in conversation with the women. Christi, Becky, and I took the kids outside and just let the women talk.

Afterward “F” said that she shared very openly about Jesus, that He was God, which is a hard issue for many Muslims. One of the other women (who we found out later is a new believer) was supporting what “F” said while others were not believing it. It made for a good discussion. Later in the week, one of the women (“N”) decided to accept the Lord. She is very frightened, though, because her husband is not a good man and beat her once for bringing home a Bible. Please pray for her.

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