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The Timothy House

“Pass on what you heard from me – the whole congregation saying Amen! – to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others.” – Paul, 2 Timothy 2:2 (The Message)

I’m excited! God is changing lives here in Athens. We are already planning ten baptisms in the next few weeks! God is drawing people to Himself through Christ Jesus. That alone is exciting. But what really gets my heart pumping is how God is doing this: God is using refugees to reach refugees.

Iranians reaching Iranians with the Gospel; Afghans leading Afghans to faith; Arabs sharing Christ with other Arabs. Please, join us in praising God for His work here!

Although Kristin and I are excited and honored to share our faith with refugees, our passion is to see Farsi-speakers sharing their faith with other Farsi-speakers, and to equip Arabic-speakers to lead other Arabic-speakers to Christ.

To this end, I am excited to share with you about our team’s newest ministry venture: The Timothy House. The heart of the Timothy House flows from 2 Tim. 2:2 – to (1) entrust the gospel (2) to reliable men (3) who will be qualified to teach others.

The residents of the house (which is actually a room set apart in the Nest shelter) will have a structured program of Bible study and ministry training. The Timothy House officially kicked-off last week as a four-month pilot project. I am excited to pour into the lives and ministries of the house’s first two residents: an Iranian with a pastoral heart and an Afghan with a gifting and zeal for evangelism. Please pray for these two young men.

We are deeply thankful for your partnership in God’s work here!

By God’s Grace – The Sanners

Team News:
– Next week (7th-10th), the team will travel to Patras for our spring retreat. Pray that our team would return refreshed and with a renewed focus on Christ.
– The following week (14th-16th), a consultant will visit our team and offer some perspective on team life and leadership. Pray that our hearts will be humble and open.
– We’ve added four new teammates since our fall retreat: Stacie, Almira, Christy, and Tasha. Pray for their ongoing transitions into the ministry and team life!

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