ag-lgflagLast week at Tea House, a man from Algeria asked if we could talk.  “Yes, of course,” I answered.  “I want to become a Christian,” he said bluntly.  This isn’t an uncommon thing to hear from Afghans and Iranians, but I can only think of one other time an Arab has been so bold.  This man, in his early thirties, had attended our two recent meals for Arabic-speakers, both of which included a simple gospel presentation.

Would you keep this man – “H” – in your prayers?  Along with an Arabic-speaking believer to translate, we began a bible study last week.  “H” told me that he wants Jesus in his life because he needs a fresh start. He has a lot of baggage from his past in Algeria, and now believes that only Jesus can give him freedom from these things.  Even more, he wants to be right before God.  “H” understands that he, like us all, has a sin problem.  A problem for which only Jesus can provide the solution.  Pray for “H” as he begins to study the Bible, as he begins to see Jesus in all His richness and depth.  Please pray for “H” as he seeks to take God at His word: Jesus is enough!

ag-mapAlgeria (North Africa)

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