Well, we’re back from team retreat!  Thanks for your prayers.  It was a refreshing time together, featuring a lot of free time, worship, prayer, and bible study.  Thanks to Tim and Rachel – who lead a refugee ministry in Rome, Italy – for guiding our time in the Word.

While we were enjoying our retreat, however, life was anything but refreshing for many of our refugee friends.  On Saturday, an abandoned building (used by some 500 refugees for shelter) became the site of neo-Nazi protests and violence.  Read the entire story HERE (from eKathimerini.com).  A neo-Nazi group surrounded the building and began chanting anti-immigrant slogans.  Some within the group then proceeded to throw rocks at the building and through windows.  A group of immigrants from within the building responded in kind. Several people were hurt (refugees, police, and neo-Nazis) before the police cleared the area with tear gas.

Please pray for the volatile situation here in Athens, which has often been likened to a powder keg ready to blow.

11-05-09_107053_1Police ready for action, attempting to maintain peace between neo-Nazi and Greek leftist groups after “protests” at the immigrant house (from ekathimerini.com).

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