Movin’ on up… to the east side.   Well, it may not be an apartment in the sky, but we’re moving!  Monday I paid the deposit on our new apartment: a three-bedroom flat in the Ellinoroson neighborhood of Athens (about a ten minute walk north of our current locale).  It’s near the Metro (Katehaki station), supermarkets, a big park, and a good playground.  The building is less than 10 years old, so it has a sizable elevator (our stroller doesn’t fit in our present elevator) and parking (which is a hot commodity in here)!  Once we’ve moved in, we’ll post some pictures… but we’re not moving until the last week of June.

p6240086Here’s the Katehaki foot bridge – an Athens landmark near our new apartment.

**Also, FYI, our time with the consultant was great!  The team was repentant, open, and honest.  I feel like there was a spirit of reconciliation.  Praise God!  I’ll share more next week!

2 thoughts on “Movin' On Up…

  1. Hi Brett & Kristin

    That’s great news, I hope your new place really feels like a home. When we come to visit (some time soon, hopefully), we’ll have to see it!

    – Paul

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