“A” is from Iran.  His wife and two teenage kids are still in Iran, waiting for money from “A” so that they can leave the country.  Because of a health problem that developed while sleeping on the streets, however, “A” has not been able to work for several months. About four months ago, in the midst of this illness, “A” came to stay at the Nest – our housing and discipleship ministry.  While “A” merely sought shelter, it seems that God had something more in store!

“A” showed spiritual curiosity before he ever came into the Nest, asking good questions about Jesus and the Bible at one of our outreaches for Farsi-speakers.  Once “A” had a safe place to live, he began reading the Bible… a habit that grew into a deep hunger for the word of God.  “A” particularly loved the Psalms.  Each week he would ask Kallie (a teammate from Greece) for a list of Psalms to read.  He devoured them, underlining and highlighting his way back and forth through the Psalms.

At the same time, “A” came to believe in the power of God through prayer.  “A” would regularly (sometimes multiple times in a day) ask for prayer for his health problem.  He became to convinced that Jesus healed.  On Wednesday of last week, I got a call from one of the guys at the Timothy House – “A” has accepted Jesus as Lord and God!  Join us in praising God for His work in “A’s” life.  And please pray for “A” in his new life following Jesus!

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