There is a new Sanner on the block… yes, Kristin is pregnant!  She is officially three months along and everything seems to be going smoothly (or “absolutely normal” as our doctor likes to say).  The due date is December 12.  While Kristin has been tired, she is feeling great.  Praise God for a healthy mother and baby!   Thanks so much for your love, encouragement, and continued prayers!

DSC06926A picture from yesterday’s sonogram: on the right, baby’s head and arms; on the left, baby’s heart beat!

6 thoughts on “Look Out World!

  1. Congrats to you guys! Having 2 is so much different than one, but it’s still just as amazing! Hope you’ve gotten through your first trimester ok. We’ll be praying for an easy pregnancy!

    The Tidd’s

  2. AWE!!!! God is soooooo good, so strong, so AWEsome! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We look forward to more updates!

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