It’s been an eventful month here in Athens.  From our recent retreat to a visiting consultant, our team has raised a lot of good questions about our direction and structure.  In addition to this, some of our teammates will be shuffling around in June: some old friends are returning to Greece, while other friends are preparing to depart.  Would you continue to pray for our team this month?

1. Matthew will make his debut in Greece tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday).  Matthew is the three month old son of our teammates Ilir and Kate, who have spent the last 6+ months in Chicagoland.  While we are excited that the they had an opportunity to visit home, our entire team is looking forward to the return of Ilir, Kate, and Matthew.  Please pray for their transition back to Greece – especially as they learn to do life and ministry with a small child.

2. Saturday we will celebrate the wedding of Steve and Kendra – two young adults who were raised as a part of the team here in Athens.  Kendra is the daughter of Scott and Vicki, who began International Teams’ refugee ministry in Athens some 18 years ago.  Steve is the son of Themis and Donna, who have served in Athens for over 10 years.  We look forward to celebrating what God has done in their lives.  Please pray for Steve and Kendra as they begin their new life together.

3. Next Thursday two of our teammates will be heading to Norway.  Nader and Ella have a heart to share Christ in the sizable Farsi-speaking community there.  In addition to that, Nader and Ella will be seeking permanent residency for themselves, something that has not been afforded to them in Greece.  Nader cannot return to his home country, for his own safety, but neither will Greece provide any sort of asylum or residency.  Please pray for Nader and Ella as they venture out into the unknown.  They will be deeply missed in Athens.

4. Before the first of July, our team will be served by a new team leader and leadership team.  The current leadership made the difficult decision to step down and offer the team a fresh start.  Pray for our team during this time of transition.  Please pray for those who are responsible for selecting a new team leader.  In addition, please pray for those who are stepping down from leadership, especially as they transition back into the daily workings of team life.

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