In two weeks, we’re moving into a new apartment (see here).  We’re excited about the move!  We’ll have more space and more conveniences (e.g. an elevator in which Sofia’s stroller actually fits!).  Also, we’ll still be in the city proper, and able to enjoy all the associated amenities (e.g. near public transportation, supermarkets, and entertainment). We truly believe that we’ll be able to make this new apartment home.  Especially with a new family member coming before year’s end (see here), we are thankful for the new digs.

The new apartment will cost 250 euros more per month.  We believe that it will be money well spent.  If you’re already supporting our ministry, thank you!  If not, would you prayerfully consider joining our ministry support team now? We’re looking to add 250 euros ($350) to our monthly support before the end of June.  Typically, we would make this sort of budgetary change over our furlough.  However, due to a number of factors (timing, family, weddings, etc.), we have delayed our next furlough until February-March of 2010.  In the meantime, would you be willing to help us make up the difference?  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email – – and ask away.

You can give online – here – via credit card.  Simply indicate your gift is for “Brett & Kristin Sanner” in the first box (“Where to give”).  Otherwise, you can send a check to International Teams (411 W. River Rd.; Elgin, IL 60123).   Make checks payable to “International Teams” but attach a note indicating that you wish to designate your gift to the ministry of “Brett & Kristin Sanner.”  Thank you so much for your investment in this part of God’s Kingdom!

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