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– 29 JUNE 2009 –

Transitions and Changes: Summertime in Greece

Along with warmer temperatures and sunny skies, summer in Greece includes a number of changes in our ministry – and this summer may set a record, as far as our family is concerned.  To begin, the Sanner family is changing.  We’re moving, growing, and celebrating!  See the “Family News” section below.

In addition to this, the summer often involves many difficult goodbyes. Taking advantage of summer crowds, refugees attempt to sneak into western Europe during the summer months.  Saying goodbye can be difficult in a number of ways: for me, I think of “D,” a new believer from Afghanistan (Will he remain faithful?  Will he find good Bible teaching and fellowship?); my teammate Gary, however, thinks of “O,” a young Algerian with whom he has shared the gospel again and again (Will he come to accept God’s grace in Christ?). As in all things, we must rest in God’s sovereignty.  He alone moves nations; He alone changes hearts. We are reminded daily that this is His work!

Another major transition this summer involves Brett’s role in the ministry team.  As of July 1, Brett will take over responsibilities as the team leader.  It’s an exciting opportunity… but equally humbling! What will this new role look like?  In addition to continued evangelism and discipleship, Brett will be responsible for casting vision, equipping teammates, and strategic planning.   Would you take a moment now and pray for our family? As always, thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, support, and love!
By God’s Grace:
Brett, Kristin, & Sofia

Family News:

– We’re still unpacking in our new apartment. We were given the keys on Sunday (28 June); now we’re making it a home!
Sofia continues to grow in leaps and bounds.  She loves to climb onto furniture, push her doll stroller, and read books.  Each week she learns new words and sounds.  What a precious time!
– As we announced last month, Kristin is pregnant.  We’re excited to welcome this new joy into our lives in December.  Everything is progressing normally.  Praise God!
– Brett and Kristin recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary (25 June).  Praise God for His grace and patience!

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