On Fridays, Kristin has been helping out with the shower ministry.  We call it “shower ministry” but really it’s a day full of activities for women and children.  There are, of course, showers, but also crafts for the kids, an English class, tea, and conversation.  It is a day set apart for the unique needs of women and their families.  Fridays have become the highlight of Kristin’s week.  Here is a great description from our teammate Susie:

I see those days as a great blessing both to the women who come for a shower and for us who work with them, trying to communicate and share with them the hope which can also be theirs. Sometimes the atmosphere is lively with dancing and laughter, and other times conversation turns more serious as we talk about the difficulties of their lives here in Athens. All in all I feel like this is a very needed and integral ministry at the ARC and it is my pleasure to be a part of it. Each week we see between 9 and 10 families coming. Each woman has at least 2 or more children (two of the families have 5 kids each!) so that’s a lot of people. Please pray for these ladies and for our workers. We are striving hard to make lasting relationships, but as the summer moves on we know that our dear friends will leave us soon to make their way in a new country.

Would you join us in prayer for these women and their families?

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