Hi all –

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement! On Friday, we visited a specialist for an initial scan of the baby. The doctor confirmed the presence of the cysts. The cysts are on the glands that are responsible for producing spinal fluid. The doctor said that these cysts are associated with certain chromosome problems (i.e. having too few chromosome). There are a number of other indicators, in addition to the cysts, that point to these problems. At this point, the doctor doesn’t see any of the other indicators present in the baby. But, he also made it clear that these indicators can’t be accurately detected until the 22nd week. Kristin is around week 18 or 19. So, we didn’t learn anything new… but we have another scan scheduled for the 22nd week.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Our faith is in God alone.

By His Grace – Brett, Kristin, and Sofia

One thought on “Baby Update

  1. Brett & Kristen,

    I am praying for you and for the baby. May the Lord be your strength and your peace. He is a mighty God!

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