August, it would seem, is the time of choice for movements of all kind: tourists busy themselves around Athens; Athenians make their yearly pilgrimage to their “home village” (where their family came from before settling in Athens); and refugees make clandestine journeys westward into Europe.  This movement has been a near constant reality in the Nest over the past month.  Several refugee friends have flown the coop, as it were.  Here’s a snippet of one friend’s story.

“A” became a Christ-follower in Iran.  This is no easy decision in Iran, where such “apostasy” is often considered a capital offense.  “A” was not deterred, however, and continuing to meet together with other believers in his home city.  Soon “A” found himself in an Iranian prison, sentences to a five year prison term.  Five years of freedom was a small price to pay in “A’s” mind, when viewed against the incomparable riches that were now his in Christ Jesus.  After completing his term, “A” decided to flee Iran for Europe, where he would be able to worship Jesus openly.   “A” journeyed through Turkey and arrived in Athens just last month.  “A’s” story was known by some here in the Iranian Christian community, so he was quickly introduced to the ministries of Helping Hands and our Nest shelter.  “A” has spent the last month reading the Bible and soaking in any other Christian literature he can get his hands on.  Last week, “A” began the next step in his journey; he left Athens headed for western Europe. 

Please pray for this dear brother – for his safety, for his faith, for his future – and others at the Nest who have recently taken the next step in their journey along the refugee highway.

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