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Our latest newsletter (August 2009) is live!  You can download the .pdf file HERE.  Otherwise, the text only version is below:


August 2009

“P” was born in Lebanon. His father had fled Sudan after his village was destroyed in the civil war.  P’s parents wanted the best for their son, so – soon after P’s birth – they decided to journey into Europe. P’s parents gathered together their belongings, however meager, and travelled through Turkey and into Greece. P was only 18 months old when his family illegally crossed the border into Europe.

Exhausted and broke, P’s family found themselves in Greece with few options and little hope. This was not the Europe that they had imagined. P’s father found work, but only intermittently.  Life was difficult, but – with the help of charities – P’s parents were finding ways to survive. P’s family became regulars at our ministry center.

In this midst of this hardship, however, P’s mother disappeared.  It’s unclear exactly what happened: some say that she ran off with another man, others contend that she was abducted into slavery (as a prostitute or house worker).  It has been four months since anyone has seen P’s mother. Quite understandably, P’s father is overwhelmed: Because he alone is left to care for his 2 year old son, he can’t go out to find work; and since he has no money, he cannot find the childcare that he desperately needs. This hopeless cycle leads quickly to despair.

Our call is to speak and live out the hope of Christ in the midst of such pain and despair. Tired clichés and “bumper-sticker Christianity” don’t carry much weight here. Practical sacrifice and abiding love, however, speak loudly of the hope which is ours in Christ Jesus. Please pray that this hope would be a tangible reality in the lives of P and his father.

“…let us be sober, having put on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation” 1 Thess. 5:8

We treasure your continued prayers, support, and love!  Thank you for allowing us to serve God here – to share the faith, love, and hope that are ours in Christ Jesus with P’s family and so many others!


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