Sorry about the lame pun, but would you take a moment to pray for our teammates Nader and Ella?  Nader came to Greece sometime back in the ’90’s, simply seeking a better life (work, stability, peace).  He found something infinitely more valuable: Christ as Savior!  Since he first came to faith, Nader has had a deep passion for evangelism – especially among his fellow Iranians.  Nader joined our team full-time in 2001, and has continued to grow in faith and service ever since.

Nader and Ella, however, aren’t able to obtain long-term paperwork from the Greek government.  Long story short, they’re stuck.  For obvious reasons, Nader can’t return to Iran.  However, they also can’t stay here in Greece.  After much time in prayer, Nader and Ella decided to pursue asylum in Norway several years ago.   Yesterday, after many years of waiting, Nader boarded a plane headed to Norway.  Nader is hoping to obtain permanent citizenship in these arctic lands.  Please pray for him and his wife!  They will be sorely missed here in Athens, but we must trust God’s leading in their lives.  Please pray for our friend and brother while he attempts to sort out his asylum paperwork in Norway.  Pray also for Ella, who will be waiting here in Athens until Nader receives an answer.

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