Do you remember the “reception centers” on the Greek island of Lesvos?  If not, here is a reminder. Below is a follow-up article in the local paper (  The bottom line: 500 of these migrants were put on a ferry and left to fend for themselves in Athens.  By the way, Piraeus (mentioned below) is the port city that serves Athens.  It’s all a part of the greater Athens-Piraeus metropolitan area.

Migrants flood into Piraeus

As hundreds of illegal immigrants arrived at the port of Piraeus yesterday on ferries from Lesvos, where they had been detained in a horribly cramped reception center, local authorities in Attica highlighted the problems posed by a burgeoning population of migrants.

The mayor of Piraeus, Panayiotis Fasoulas, said that 50 of the migrants – chiefly mothers and children – would be put up at a hostel.

But it was unclear what would become of some 400 additional migrants. “We cannot allow the ghettoization of Piraeus simply because the state has no overall plan for these people,” Fasoulas said.

Late on Tuesday, Athens Prefect Yiannis Sgouros called on the Interior Ministry to reverse a decision to allow the transfer of about 500 migrants from Lesvos to Athens, saying that the capital had become “a landfill of human misery and cannot absorb any more illegal immigrants.”

In one day, 500 new migrants show up in Athens.  I have no doubt that many of these refugees will end up at our ministry center in the next few weeks!  Please, pray for us! In related news, EU authorities now report that Greece has the most illegal entries in the EU (followed by Italy and Spain).  Here’s a quote from

In fact, Greece’s waters and mountains have become Europe’s primary gateway for illegal immigration: Nearly half of the European Union’s illegal immigrants were detected at the nation’s land or sea borders.

25 new migrants arrive every day on the Greek island of Samos – 25/day on one island!  This statistic overwhelms me.  Pray for these new refugees; and pray for our ministry team.  Please pray that, in the face of so much need, we would rely on God alone!  We have no other hope, no other option!

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