athens_lostcoin.gifOver the last 18 months, my primary responsibility here in Athens has been the Nest, our housing and discipleship ministry.  God has worked through the Nest in amazing ways: (1) A number of guys have accepted Christ during their stay at the Nest – for example, read here and here.  The house provides a safe place for men to read the New Testament and ask questions about God, Jesus, and faith in a community of other believers.  I cannot overstate the importance of these simple things that the Nest provides: security, community, freedom.  (2) Many new believers have come to the Nest in order to grow in their faith – for example, read here.  I have cherished the fact that the Nest has served as a place to build-up new believers – even future preachers and evangelists!

I could go on… but the bottom line is pretty straight forward: God has used the Nest to accomplish His purposes here in Athens!  For a number of reasons, however, the doors of the Nest are currently closed.  First, we have staffing needs.  In essence, I have been running the Nest on my own for the last 18 months.  I don’t believe that this is a healthy pattern.  (Wanna help?  Click here to apply to ITeams!)  Secondly, we have funding needs.  We only have one family that donates to the Nest on a regular basis.  We need more people involved through giving!  (Wanna help?  Click here to give online – simply designate your gift to “The Nest in Athens”).

After some prayer, I’ve decided that the Nest needs a sabbath – a time of intentional rest and prayer!  As of September 5th, we have closed the doors to the house for one month.  We will spend the next month in prayer – praying for wisdom and God’s provision.  Would you please join us in prayer this month?  It is my desire to re-open the Nest after this month, but – even more – it is my desire to follow God’s leading.  Please pray for our Nest ministry!

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