Our team has recently begun a discussion of vision.  As a ministry, vision gives us purpose (what are we working towards), direction (how will we get there), and motivation (why go there).   Vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be (this definition comes from Andy Stanley – HERE).

Or – to ask about vision in another way – what would happen if God’s purposes and power were revealed in the lives of refugees in Athens?  There is no doubt that we would see refugees welcomed (a safe and caring environment for refugees), love revealed (Jesus’ love expressed through practical service and direct proclamation), and lives changed (salvation and ongoing transformation).

With God’s help, we believe that refugees in Athens can (and should!) experience this reality (refugees welcomed, love revealed, lives changed) rather than their current (rejection, scorn, and hopelessness).  Please, join us in prayer that God’s will be done here on earth (in Athens… in the lives of refugees) as it is in heaven.

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