The fact is that God is greater than any man-made prison.   Bricks and steel bars cannot thwart His purposes.  This fact is well documented in scripture.  For example…

“But during the night, an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and brought [the apostles] out…” – Acts 5:19

“An angel of the Lord stood next to [Peter]… saying ‘Get up quickly.’ And the chains fell off his hands.” – Acts 12:7

Until this weekend, these testimonies of God’s power were just stories for several Afghan families here in Athens.  These stories brought little real comfort to “G,” whose teenage son was in a Greek prison.  G was told her son wouldn’t be released from the prison unless his parents came to take him from the jail.  Refugees, however, don’t trust the Greek police.  G was sure that this was a trap, so that the police could arrest the entire family.  G was overwhelmed; and she brought her fear and despair with her to our ministry center.

Last week, after speaking with some of our teammates, G asked for prayer in Jesus name (she was willing to try anything).  Later that week, she heard news from her son for the first time in weeks.  While she was excited to once again hear her son’s voice, the news wasn’t good.  The Greek authorities had no intention of releasing him.

Despite the news, G was encouraged to hear from her son.  At our Tea House ministry on Thursday, G once again asked for prayer… maybe there’s something to this Jesus.  This time one of our teammates went a step further and shared a simple truth from the Bible: God is greater than any prison! Although this situation seems hopeless, there is always hope in God!  Our teammate then shared a few stories that illustrate this fact (the two stories from Acts quoted above).  Then, they prayed: Jesus open the doors of the prison for G’s son, so that this family can be reunited and that Your name might be made great.

The next day (Friday), while at the ministry center, G got a call from her son.  He had been released! G was amazed at God’s power and provision.  Not only that, many other Afghan women knew the story and were astonished.  Later that same afternoon, another teammate saw G reading a Christian tract in Farsi.  She sat down by G, who explained that it was in Jesus’ name that her son was released and so she wanted to thank Jesus.  A little later, another Afghan woman told this same teammate that her entire life she has been told that the Bible is “just stories, but not real.”  Now, however, this woman had to confess that the stories in the Bible are very realand so is Jesus.  The woman asked if they could read the stories from Acts again.  “I have a lot to think about,” she confessed afterward.

I am praying for a great movement of God!  The ministry center was buzzing yesterday; and it was all about Jesus!  Please pray that these women – along with their children and husbands – would make Jesus both Lord and Savior!  I am praying that we would see a movement of dozens of Afghan families following Jesus, sharing their faith, and changing a generation! Please pray with me!

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