Sofia (Sofia = Sofoula = Foula… her Greek nickname) is getting so big.  Really!

* She runs.

* She tries to jump (it’s the cutest thing ever, even though she doesn’t get off the ground).

* She talks (mom, dad, eat, sit, bird, hot, cold, yes, no, NO!).

* She has conversations (?) and imaginary parties with her dolls.

* She tells us when she poops… but she’s still scared to use her potty.

* She loves to color and paint.

* She plays well with others (sort of… but she’ll get the hang of it).

* She gives Winnie the Pooh rides on her tricycle.

* She loves to read and look at books.

In all, she is well on her way to be a great big sister!  What a joy and privilege to see her grow and learn.


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