As you know, we’ve been praying about the future of the Nest, our shelter and discipleship ministry (see HERE for the details).  Although we closed the doors of the Nest on September 5th, I am excited about what God has been doing!

Here’s what is happening now: For the last 20 months, the Nest has been a men-only ministry.  As of September 24th, however, we re-opened the Nest for families – at least on temporary basis.  One family (a single mother with four children from Afghanistan) moved into the house for a three month trial.  The goal is two-fold: (1) to help this family take next steps (of faith, of housing, of immigration) and (2) to learn whether a family Nest is viable on a permanent basis.

Here’s the vision: At the end of December, we plan on leaving the house that we currently rent for this ministry.  Because it is an older building, the costs associated with the house (utilities, repairs, etc.) are too high.  As God provides the money and staff needed, we would like to begin renting two smaller apartments in the new year: one for single men, one for families (assuming, of course, that the current three month trial goes well).  Ideally, then, we would like to run each house (and any future houses) in partnership with a local church, which can help meet the needs of refugees in an effective and sustainable manner.

In order to see this long-term vision become a reality, the Nest needs financial support (about 1000 euros per month for each apartment).  Would you partner with us in making this vision a reality?  You can give online HERE.  Simply indicate that your gift is for “The Nest in Athens” where it asks “Where to give.”  Seriously… thank you!

I am excited about what God is doing.  Families are a part of the original vision of the house – even if it took 20 months to become a realityPraise God for His faithfulness and timing… and please continue to pray for this growing and changing ministry.

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