200px-Europe_(orthographic_projection).svgThe church is not dead in Europe.  In fact, God is doing some exciting things here in regards to evangelism and church planting.  Dave Ferguson, from Community Christian Church, recently blogged about his time coaching/training church planters in Europe.  It’s encouraging to see what active, mission-oriented churches are doing in Europe (see here, here, and here, for example).  This training opportunity was hosted by the European Church Planting Network, which has exciting projects across Europe.  And, of course, we can’t forget our fellow CCC’ers, the Carrolls, helping people in France find their way back to God.  Then, there is this intriguing article in Christianity Today about the Catholic Church’s response to Europeans secularism: Rome will not give up on Europe without a fight!  What about us?  Pray for a movement of God in Europe!

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