We’ll be back in the States in just over three months!  During this “home assignment,” we’ll be visiting churches, individual supporters, and other ministry partners in order to share face-to-face about what God is doing among refugees in Greece.  It will be a very busy few months, but we’re looking forward to the opportunity to re-connect with everyone!  Our hope is to arrive around mid-January, and spend the remainder of the month with family and friends.  Come February (and continuing through the end of March), we’ll begin visiting churches and ministry partners in earnest.  If all goes well, we’ll return to Athens in early April.

A lot has changed since July 25th 2007, when we first came to Athens.  We arrived as a family of two.  By the time we will return to the US for home assignment, our family (Lord willing!) will have doubled in size.  As you might imagine, the monthly financial support our family needs has also increased.   We need to increase our monthly support by 500 Euros (or almost $750).

What does this mean?  We are praying that God will open the door for us to speak with (at least) 5 new churches!  We’ve been overwhelmed by the support of our home churches (Chatham Christian Church and Thorn Creek Reformed Church), but – due to the growing financial needs noted above – hope to find others that are willing to actively partner with us in the ministry here!  Do you attend a church that is passionate about serving those in need?  Do you know a church in your area that might want to hear more about God’s work reaching the nations through Athens?  If so, could you send us the contact information – brett.sanner@iteams.org – so that we can set up a meeting when we’re home in February and March?  Thanks for partnering with us!

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