Beginning tomorrow, our team will pull back from our daily ministry for three days of renewal, planning, and vision.  It’s our annual fall retreat.   I am looking forward to this time together!  We’ll spend significant time in worship, reframing our vision, and updating our ministry plan.  Would you pray for our team during this time? We’ll be held up in a conference room in Glyfada (just outside of Athens) for eight hours a day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Come Sunday, our team will worship together with a local Greek church (Egaleo Free Evangelical).  There I’ll have the opportunity to preach on my favorite topic: encountering Jesus (Rev. 1:9-17; Mat. 17:1-8)!

Our fall retreat offers the team a chance to step back and see the forest from the trees.  The daily demands of refugee ministry can be great.  We are surrounded by enormous need everyday!  And it’s not just the needs, but the numbers: family after family sleeping in the park; mother after mother with no milk or diapers for her babies; man after man with no job and no hope.  In the midst of daily ministry, it is hard to ensure that we’re headed in the right direction (loving refugees, proclaiming Jesus in word and deed, and equipping other to do the same).  This retreat provides just such an opportunity!  We covet your prayers! Thanks in advance!

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