odw-wordpressCan I introduce you to a movementOne Day’s Wages is passionate about ending extreme global poverty.  It’s challenge is simple: donate one day’s wage to provide practical help (e.g. dig a well, finance a business loan, provide mosquito nets, put kids in school) for the world’s poorest.  Eugene Cho – who serves in an Evangelical Covenant Church in Seattle – just launched this initiative this week.  Be a part of the global groundswell that says “enough!” to extreme poverty.  Where is our outrage?! Here’s more information from their website:

One Day’s Wages (ODW) is an international grassroots movement dedicated to ending extreme global poverty. The numbers are staggering:

  • 25,000 children under the age of 5 die each day due to poverty-related causes.
  • Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and disease, and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Nearly 900 million people do not have access to clean water.
  • Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names.

The good news is that, there are already individuals and organizations around the world doing amazing work to end extreme global poverty. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel but rather to collaborate and partner with others. In short, One Day’s Wages is joining them in the fight.

Consider the impact of your one day’s wages, which is equivalent to about 0.4% of your annual salary.

  • $20 can build a well to provide clean water for one person for 20 years.
  • $10 can purchase a bed net to help prevent malaria.
  • $45 can pay annual school tuition for one child.
  • $125 can provide a woman with a sewing machine and job training.

Will you join the movement?

  • Visit our website and calculate your one day’s wages.
  • Choose the organizations and causes to support. 100% of your donations go directly to organizations working to end extreme global poverty.
  • Nominate your favorite organizations around the world for ODW to consider supporting.
  • Spread the word! web: onedayswages.org | twitter: @onedayswages
  • Engage the conversation on our blogs, forums, and website.

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