As you may remember, our Nest (a housing and discipleship ministry) has been going through a number of changes recently (see here or here for recent updates).  I am excited about the ways that God continues to use this house to draw people to Himself and change lives!  Here is some news from Tasha, our teammate who is coordinating the transition to a family Nest:

For the past couple of years The Nest has housed single men only, but with the changing demographics of refugees, the needs and ministry opportunities have changed.  Now more than in the past, there are families composed of women and children with no husband/father in the picture.  Whether the husband abandoned the family, died, or the women and children fled an abusive situation, there are a number of women and children without the protection of a male.  The streets are not safe yet many refugees have nowhere else to live.  This is an especially dangerous reality for families without a man there to protect them.  The Nest ministry is seeking to address this important need!

Recently we moved in our first family!  This woman has eight and ten year old boys, and twin fifteen month old girls.  Her husband left her, and she has been struggling to provide for her children.  She lived in a storage room on top of a roof for many months, and was getting more and more concerned because the weather was changing here.  She cried many thankful tears when we moved her in.  She has been very concerned for her children’s safety, and is grateful they have a safe place to sleep now.   The Nest will be more than just housing.  Helping Hands staff and volunteers will provide help with job searches, advocacy, networking, guidance on future plans, spiritual discipleship, and fellowship.

Download her entire report HERE.  We are so thankful to be able to offer housing to this family!  God is at work in the lives of this mother and her children (more news to come)!   At the same time, this ministry is in serious financial trouble.  In order to continue serving these families in need, we need regularly monthly support of 1000 Euros.  With a one-time gift or regular support, would you help make this happen?  The need is real… and so are the changed lives!  What an opportunity for Kingdom Investment! You can give securely online HERE – simply indicate that your gift is for “the Nest ministry – Athens,” when asked “where to give.”  Thank you for your prayers and support!

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