Hi all –  Once again, thanks for your support and prayers!  Please click HERE to download our most recent ministry update (as a .pdf file).  Otherwise, you can find the text-only version below.  Enjoy!

What We’re Celebrating…

Here are a few stories that we’re celebrating:

A conversation seven years in the making – An Afghan woman came to our ministry center two weeks ago for the first time. After taking-in the environment, she pulled one of our Farsi-speaking teammates to the side and, in a whisper, shared with her that she had seen Jesus in a vision seven-years before. The Afghan woman was intrigued by the vision, but never had an opportunity to learn more.  Now, with both excitement and fear, she is asking questions and seeking to know this Jesus who has been pursuing her for so long.

ETA: 4 Weeks – The latest addition to the Sanner family is preparing to make her first public appearance! Kristin’s due date is 12.12.09; we’re eagerly awaiting baby’s arrival! Grandma Sanner will also be visiting to help out!

A new home and new beginning – Our Nest (a housing and discipleship ministry) is undergoing some exciting changes.  Brett has stepped down from the daily oversight of the Nest so that it can focus on the needs of women and children, rather than single men. One family (a single Afghan woman with four children) is now living in the house.  The life change in this family is evident to all! Praise God for His continued work!

Home assignment – In just over two months, we’ll be back in the US, visiting churches and reconnecting with family and friends. We’re really looking forward to this time. As our family grows, however, so do our needs. Join us in praying for God’s provision: we need to increase our monthly support by 500 Euros ($750) in order to return to the field.

Standing up for love – Two weeks ago, there was a small confrontation at our Tea House ministry.  A woman marched up a group of Afghans and warned them, “These people don’t love you or care about you; they only want to make you Christians.”  One woman spoke for the group: “You obviously don’t know them. We see their love… we know their friendship.  And when I read the New Testament, it moves me to tears! I haven’t experienced this anywhere else!”

There are so many other stories! Follow our blog to keep up – http://lovingtheoverlooked.com

Thanks for your love, support, and prayers!
By God’s Grace:
The Sanners

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