Here’s a snapshot of International Teams (IT), our sending organization.  Although every group has its strengths and weaknesses, we are consistently impressed with IT’s commitment to excellence in its mission: mobilizing international teams to build transforming communities.

International Teams Story

The concept of teams of young people traveling to locations to share the love of God started over 40 years ago in the heart of a young Australian, Kevin Dyer, who was living in USA at the time.

In 1961 the first team of six went to India where they gave out 100,000 pieces of Gospel literature. In the years that followed, millions of pieces of literature were distributed in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

As an organization we proclaim the Gospel through word and deed. The Gospel is still at our core but the way we do ministry is innovative, in locations where marginalized peoples are located and nearly always in the urban centers of the world.

While the organization commenced with people doing just a few months ministry, now many of our missionaries have served for significant periods of time. Today, 1200 workers of 52 nationalities serve on 200 teams in 66 countries.  More than half of these workers are non-North Americans.

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