I’m amazed by what God is doing here in the lives of the women and families!  Here’s a recent update from my teammate Tasha:

“ZA” attends my weekly English/Bible lessons.  She hungers for God’s Word and understanding of what truth is.  She used to tell me that she was half Christian and half Muslim, but now says she is ¾ Christian.  She prays to Jesus now, and says her children get upset if they don’t pray to Jesus before they sleep.  On Wednesday our team had a prayer day.  She was at the refugee center beforehand, and asked that the team pray for her to get an apartment.  Later that night at a Farsi movie night she excitedly said, “I know you prayed to Jesus because my phone rang before I even left the building and I have an apartment now!”  This past Friday at women’s showers she pulled me aside and asked if we could read the Bible together.  She got a big smile after we read Romans 10 together and said she can already picture the day when she is free and doesn’t have to fear anymore.

“ZE” also attends my English/Bible lessons.  She is a single mother of four (two of the four being 18 month old twin girls).  She used to live in a bad situation, but has recently moved into our new family housing program.  She used to hurt herself because the emotional pain was too much too bear.  She told me recently that she no longer hurts herself and has great hope for the future.  “ZE” said every time she reads the Bible tears come to her eyes.  Last week at women’s showers a couple of women had questions.  She got a Bible and starting explaining things to them!  She is an evangelist in the making!!  This Friday she asked if I would come over to her house because she had questions about the Bible.  She had been reading Isaiah 53 and wanted to talk about it.  About two hours later she asked if I was tired of talking about Jesus.  I told her we could talk all night if she wanted.

These women all claim to love Jesus but are too afraid to step out and claim Him as their Savior. Please pray that they find the courage to take that step of faith.

These are just two stories… but they represent a great movement of God!  Would you consider supporting our Nest ministry, which is now focused on the needs of these women and families?  Click HERE to give online (US credit card only) or send a check payable to International Teams (411 W. River Rd; Elgin, IL 60123).  In either case, simply indicate that the gift is for “The Nest – Athens.”  God is doing great things through this ministry; please make a Kingdom investment by supporting the Nest with your prayers and gifts!

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