I’m re-posting this entry from two years ago.  I am amazed to our prayers turn into reality!  The brother who had this vision is now an active evangelist among Afghans here in Athens.  He teaches, preaches, and has an insatiable hunger for God’s Word.  Praise God for His salvation, His calling, and His faithfulness!


We recently celebrated the baptism of four men from “Central Asia” at a seekers retreat last month. We praise God for His continued work here. As we have said often, it is so humbling to see God work in such ways. Several weeks prior to the retreat, one of these men from “Central Asia” approached a teammates of ours here in Athens, hoping for insight into a recent dream. In his dream, he saw a man in a flowing, bright white robe. This man in white (whom our friend identified as Jesus) looked at our friend and said, “Take my sword.” Although our friend was pretty sure that this man was Jesus, he was confused by his words. From his experience with Christians, he had known Jesus to be a man of peace; yet, the man in his dream spoke of a sword. This simply did not compute. Our friend, however, would not give up on trying to understand the meaning of the dream. Whatever it meant, he deeply felt that it was important. A short time later, this man was introduced to our ministry, and eventually felt comfortable enough to ask for help understanding his dream. One of our fellow workers was able to explain to him the “sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” from Ephesians 6:17. After some prayer, our friend – and now brother – realized that God was calling him to submit to the word of God, to embrace faith in God’s messiah and the only savior of man: Jesus. Please pray for our new brother, his three friends, and their future ministry in Athens and around the world!

2 thoughts on “Take My Sword

  1. A wonderful story of the Lord revealing himself to a seeker! We pray often for the work in Athens! Congratulations also to Emma Irini! What a wonderful gift! Wishing you all the best with the family and ministry.

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