Thanks for your prayers!  Will you continue to pray for our family and ministry?

Kristin and Emma are home! We’re thankful that everything went smoothly at the hospital… and for Emma’s first night at home.  Unfortunately, Sofia came down with a slight fever just a day before Emma and Kristin returned home.  This makes for a little more stress – and a little less sleep – for everyone.  Please keep Kristin, Sofia, and Emma in your prayers!

– Tonight is our first Christmas outreach of the season.  In fact, this week our team will play host to three Christmas outreach parties (about 120 guests each).  Please pray that those who attend will see Jesus – the true message of Christmas – clearly.  We’re also very excited that three local churches are partnering with us in these events.  We thank God that these churches want to be a part of what God is doing among refugees in Athens!

– With new expenses (e.g. new apartment, new baby), our financial outlook has been a bit cloudy over the past few months.  Last month, our account at International Teams dipped into the negative, meaning that we didn’t have enough income to cover our expenses.  Clearly, with Emma’s arrival, the timing couldn’t be worse.  We are working hard to find new churches and contacts for our time on home assignment in the US (February-March 2010).  Please pray that God would open doors for us to share about this ministry in new churches!

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