This is the week.  After much talk and preparation, this is the week that we’re moving the Nest (our housing and discipleship ministry) out of the building that we’ve been renting in central Athens.  My days have been full of packing this week, but we’ve been making good progress and should be completely done by week’s end.  I am grateful to report that all of the house’s residents have found other accommodations… so it’s a happy transition, as far as I am concerned.

So, what happens now?  The stuff of the Nest (beds, furniture, appliances, etc.) will go into storage until a new apartment can be found.  Rather than looking for one large house (like the building that we are now moving out of), we’re hoping to open a number of smaller facilities, each focused on a specific group (e.g. single Farsi-speaking men, single Arabic-speaking men, families, women and children).  We’ve also made it a goal to tie these new, smaller Nests into the life of a local church – partnering with the local church in providing oversight, care, and discipleship.

How can you help?  First, please pray for this venture!  We are very close to having the first apartment rented (for women and children).  We’re simply waiting for the final approval of the owner, who seems genuinely interested in helping refugees.  Please pray for God’s continue provision, and our faith and patience in order to follow.  Second, would you give a financial gift to help get this ministry restarted?  We are still well short of the necessary funds (600 euro/month) needed to rent a new apartment.  Click here to learn about giving options through IT.   Whichever giving option you choose, simply indicate that your gift is for “The Nest – Athens.”  Thanks – in advance – for your generosity!

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