As you read in a post before Christmas, our team’s vision for this ministry is to see “Lives Transformed: planting gospel seeds in the lives of refugees across Greece that take root and bear the fruit of life transformation in Jesus Christ.”  Our heart is to share the hope of Christ with refugees across Greece… not only in Athens, not only in our neighborhood (Omonia), not only at our ministry center.

We are praying that God would raise up a network of refugee ministry sites across Greece.  Even more, we believe that we know how God will accomplish this task: through the local church.  God is working in and through local Evangelical churches throughout Greece; in many of these churches, God’s work is being manifested as a new passion for the nations… beginning with the hundreds of thousands of foreigners (Afghans, Albanians, Iranians, Romanians, Iraqis, Palestinians, and the list goes on) that God has brought to their doorstep.

I envision it like this: our ministry center is one point of light on the map (here a map of the greater Athens area).

But our vision goes beyond this. We believe that God wants to see a dozens of these “points of light” throughout Athens and the rest of Greece.  Here is a map of what I imagine what our ministry (through local churches in Athens) might look like in five years.

Can you imagine the impact?  On refugees?  On the church?  On the city?  On non-believing Greeks who are seeing this sort of love in action?  Pray with us: God may gospel seeds be planted in the lives of refugees across Athens, across Greece, and across the world!

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