When I was sixteen, I could count my troubles on one hand.  More and more Afghan teenagers, however, due to the sheer desperation and violence that continues to haunt their homeland, resort to a dangerous journey through deserts, over seas, and into nameless, foreign cities.  Please take five minutes to let BBC news walk you through the journey of one 16-year-old Afghan who traveled almost 4,000 miles from Afghanistan to England – find the complete article here.

The first time Ahmed saw England was when he pulled back the tarpaulin of the lorry he had been smuggled onto, and jumped down onto the street in Luton.

It was early 2009. He wasn’t sure of the date and couldn’t say exactly how long he had been on the road since leaving northern Afghanistan the year before.

All he knew was that it was still hot when he crossed into the Iranian desert during the first days of the journey, and freezing cold by the time he neared its end in northern Europe.

Along the way he had ducked under searchlights, taken part in a car chase, been stowed away on boats and picked up by the police, on a journey that migration experts say is typical for a growing number of Afghan children making their way, unaccompanied, to Europe.

Continuing reading Ahmed’s story here.

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