Just finished a valuable leadership resource that I thought I’d pass along: Steering through Chaos: Mapping a Clear Direction for Your Church in the Midst of Transition and Change by Scott Wilson, a pastor in Dallas, Texas.  The words church and change don’t often mix well.  However, change is necessary in any church that seeks to communicate the timeless truth of the gospel in changing times. Nonetheless, change can hurt; even positive change creates stress, and, therefore, necessitates a certain tolerance for pain.  Enter Scott Wilson: I found his insights on change, chaos, and leadership invaluable.  Here’s my review:

All change is profound.  From minute details to paradigm shifts, change awakens imagination, passion, and possibility.  At the same time, change creates stress, anxiety, and upheaval.  Even in it’s best forms, change is chaos; and chaos is pain.  Drawing from a wealth of personal experience, as well as the stories of other ministry leaders, Wilson plots a course for church leaders to guide, inspire, and encourage – in short, lead – through times of change.  If leadership is a stewardship, then, Wilson argues, change is a time for evaluation and investment: evaluating the fruitfulness of past investments (relational, strategic, and spiritual), and reinvesting those dividends toward new strategies and renewed vision.  Wilson offers valuable insights on the roles that vision, timing, strategy, prayer, and celebration play in leading through transition, as well as more general wisdom on the demands of leadership (e.g. the roles of mentoring, authenticity, communication, and endurance).  In all, Wilson’s work is a useful tool for pastors leading through change: A-

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